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EV Chargers

This is what we are experts at! We have installed thousands of residential EV chargers. ChargePoint, Tesla, JuiceBox, and Emporia to name a few. They can be installed inside your garage or outside on a post or mounted on side of the house. Load Management Systems are also installed when needed. Check out some of our live video installs. There is no one better at this!


Battery Backup

When your solar or electrical contractor wont provide and install battery backup, call us! Either whole home or select critical loads for battery backup. Use only for emergency power outages or cycle the battery everyday with solar on Self Consumption while leaving a reserve for emergency power outages or go off grid. We have installed many Tesla Powerwall, Enphase Encharge, Generac PWRcell, HomeGrid, and LG Chem.

EV's with bidirectional batteries are the future. V2H (Vehicle To Home) allow you to use your vehicle for emergency power to your home and/or used for Self Consumption as V2L (Vehicle To Load) to provide the difference for consumption against solar production, and they can also be used for V2G (Vehicle To Grid) with the Utilities Connected Solutions program. These are a few ways that help offset the initial cost and provide an ROI and a great alternative to a standby generator.



We install them new, remove existing and reinstall for roof replacements, inspect, service, and repair others mistakes. Our expertise is in Enphase and SolarEdge solar systems.



New electrical service upgrades and your general electrical service and maintenance company. We also do inspections and load analysis reports, wind power, lightning protection, and more. Contact us to request an estimate.